Poli lets teachers do what they do best. Teach.

Poli is a new way to use video and ICT in a virtual classroom setting. It takes care of the tech but doesn’t take over completely.

With Poli you still run your class however you like. Need to pause to talk about what we’ve just seen? No problem. Want to find out how your class feels not just what they can recall? Great. You can see exactly what your students are seeing on their screens, so you’re always in control. Poli is lively, interactive and engaging. It's also super flexible - use a pre-made Poli lesson plan, create your own from scratch, or mix and match by adapting an existing plan and tailoring it to your class.

Poli was originally designed to be used in classrooms but has been adapted to to be used remotely using your preferred video conferencing software. Poli makes running online classes simple.