About Poli

Bombastic and Proper Design have developed Poli - a new platform for creating and sharing interactive sessions with a focus on providing arts and educational content for primary schools. The aim is to fuse technology, creativity and education in a digital system that helps teachers run classes that can support creative learning objectives for the introduction of the new curriculum in 2022. The sessions will help teachers meet objectives required by the upcoming changes and which requires lessons across the whole curriculum to include an expressive art component.


Bombastic Ltd, established in 2007, is a charitable limited company based in South Wales. Bombastic creates, presents and disseminates high-quality dance theatre and digital arts experiences for young people, teachers and families. Since 2007, the team has engaged with and benefitted - well over 45,000 young people, families and teachers with their performances, workshops and online games.

Central to the company is the objective of increasing access to the arts with a distinctive, highly visual, humorous and age-appropriate approach. The company, since its inception, has explored the interface between live arts and digital media. Its productions use digital animation and interactions between live performers with projected environments and characters.

Proper Design

Proper Design helps people do things on the internet, creating digital tools that work for humans, not the other way around. We specialise in purpose built web applications, just like Poli, that are interactive, useful, and user friendly.