Create your perfect lesson plan

Poli gives you simple tools to create fun interactive lessons

What is a lesson plan?

Lesson plans on Poli are structured around YouTube video content. You might have your own video or videos that you or your students have made, or there might be some existing YouTube content that you’d like to build your lesson plan around.

Creating a lesson plan

Creating a lesson plan starts in your Poli dashboard. Select ‘Create a new lesson plan’ to begin. Give your lesson plan a name (you can always change it later). When you start the process you can choose whether to make your lesson plan public, i.e. available to other Poli users, or not.

Each section has an introduction, a video, a set of questions, and a conclusion. Most fields will have some help text to guide you as you go, so click on the question marks if you’re not sure about something.

When you add your questions you get the option of three different answer types - single choice answer, multiple choice answer and poll (or no correct answers) This simple structure gives you maximum flexibility when building your lesson plan, opening up questions for discussion, not just right and wrong answers.

Teacher notes

You can also add teacher notes as you go. Teacher notes provide extra guidance for session leaders. They can provide useful direction, additional context or whatever you think may be useful. Only the session leader can see them when the session is being run.